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Plan, Prepare, ProduceTM

Prep Training Group is a certified insurance education provider since 1989. Through our Plan, Prepare, ProduceTM system, we have helped hundreds of thousands prepare for licensing exams and continuing education renewal with courses that meet state requirements. Our clients include all of the major insurance companies and agencies in Illinois, and many nationally as well. Prep instructors are full-time insurance and teaching professionals who respect you and care about your future!

Pass, Guaranteed

Prep is fully certified by the Illinois Department of Insurance and offers all required pre-licensing courses, which must be completed before taking the exam. Our Unconditional Guarantee invites any student who fails an exam to retake that course within 6 months, tuition free. Additionally, all students have the instructor's email address and are encouraged to contact the instructor with any questions or concerns before taking an exam.

Expert, Caring Instruction

Insurance and securities classes are conducted in a professional learning environment by carefully trained, personable instructors who have plenty of field experience, but are also expert teachers. They understand how to engage students, make learning interesting and enjoyable, and explain difficult concepts. Prep instructors care about students and often maintain a professional and personal relationship with them long after the course is complete.

Through the use of visual aids, role playing, practical examples and in-class quizzes, students are fully prepared for state and federal examinations, and learn the basics of insurance and securities that will be an invaluable foundation in their professional career.

Our Staff

Prep Training Group - Patrick L. Raftery

Patrick L. Raftery

Patrick is a professional insurance risk manager and registered insurance producer, with 20 years' experience in insurance risk management and training. His time in risk management has been spent on both the client side and broker side of the business.

Patrick holds bachelor's degrees in sociology and criminal justice from the University of Kansas; and the associate of risk management (ARM) from the former Insurance School of Chicago.

Prep Training Group Founders

Prep Training Group - Cindy DiTusa
Prep Training Group - Russ DiTusa

Cindy and Russ DiTusa

Cindy and Russ formed the Prep Training Group out of their living room in 1989. Drawing from over 20 years of combined insurance and training experience, and a real desire to truly help students Plan, Prepare, ProduceTM, they grew the business into one of the largest privately held insurance and securities training providers in the state of Illinois.

In 2015, Cindy and Russ were presented with an amazing opportunity in Los Angeles, which required them to sell Prep Training Group. This "West Coast" chapter for Cindy and Russ brings the added bonus of being near their daughter Claire.

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